Manna: The Day of the Lord Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet (10/01/17)


Leviticus 4:32 If someone brings a lamb as their sin offering, they are to bring a female whithout defect.

Luke 13:29 People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.

Manna of Heaven of God, The Mind of Christ Lisbet.

10-01-2017 Mana

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Instructions of Jehovah MELQUISEDECLISBET

Almighty and Sovereign God MelquisedecLisbet, You are worthy of all praise and glory on this beautiful day of the eternity that You have given us, full of joy, peace, health and rest.

Eternal Parents we thank You for every exquisite feast of Manna that You prepare for us, because in them we are given the Light of Your knowledge to understand and see everything as You do and therefore live eternally.

Our Gods and Parents, we send You a writing titled THE DAY OF THE LORD JEHOVAH MELQUISEDECLISBET.

It is about when God mentions in the Scriptures about the day of the Lord Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet, they were referring to the participation that Christ would have in the end times, in two dispensations, one after another. That day would consist of one night followed by day, that night is what Christ Mary was referring to when she said Christ would come as a thief in the NIGHT (which is the dispensation of the man of sin). After that night, began the daylight, which is this dispensation where You were resurrected and gave end to the night.

Knowing that everything comes from You and is for You, we give You the glory and honor eternally because You are the only ones worthy of all praise and exaltation. We are submitted to You and we rejoice in always doing Your pleasing and perfect will. Mother Goddess Lisbet, we know that You are the personified Wisdom and You always do what You feel is appropriate. All of Your spiritual children are so grateful to You and we feel privileged and honored that You have deposited in us Your intelligence and wisdom, so we may know and understand that we are in the presence of the only eternal and living God, and with great reverent fear we listen to You. Thank You for making us Your holy angels. You being present, as the Light of the world Christ Lisbet have clarified what was hidden in the darkness and now we walk in the light of the words that come from Your mouth in each Manna.

When You spoke to the prophets of the Lord’s day, You were referring to the end times where Christ would be present in two dispensations, one after the other.

Christ Mary warned them in:

Matthew 24:27 27 For as the lightning that comes out of the east, and is seen unto the west, so shall be the coming of the Son of man. (Christ as a human being).

Here she is a giving a very important detail and it is that the lightning shows an immediate action on one side of the sky to the other. It is absurd to think that when Christ said this, she was referring to the two manifestations of Christ: the one of two thousand years ago and now in the end times. Christ Lisbet has shown us that when the Scripture says “East” it refers to the previous dispensation and “West” is the new dispensation of the Order of MelquisedecLisbet, the eternal Priest.

One day is composed of Light which is called day, and of darkness which is called night. Let’s read in:

Genesis 1:5 5 And God MelquisedecLisbet called the light «day», and called the darkness «night». And the evening and the morning was ONE DAY.

In light of the word of revelation, that Christ Lisbet is giving us in each Manna and what we have lived in the last years, we understand that the day in which the Lord Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet would manifest, had to first be composed of darkness which is the night, followed by the Light which is called the day. Our Parents were referring to this day when

They spoke to their prophets about the day of the Lord Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet. Let’s read in:

Joel 2: 1-2 1 Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound the alarm on my holy mountain; Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for THE DAY OF JEHOVAH MELQUISEDECLISBET is coming, it is near. 2 Day of darkness and gloom, day of clouds and shadows; As dawn spreads on the mountains, so shall come a great and strong people; like them there has not been one before, nor in years of many generations after them will there ever be.

Christ would not manifest in a mystical way as the religious world has misinformed humanity, but instead as God the Mother Christ Lisbet, the light of the Word made flesh.  This Christ had to be living and participating in two consecutive dispensations.

First, as a thief in the night, just as she had announced that she would come, (Matthew 24:43; 2 Peter 3:10).

  1. 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-3 1 But about the times and occasions, brothers, you do not need me to write to you. 2 For you know perfectly well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night; 3 When they say: Peace and security, sudden destruction will come unto them, like the pains of a pregnant woman, and they will not be able to escape.

If they are not talking about a physical night, what do they mean when they say, night? Well God MelquisedecLisbet called that time or that dispensation, night, since the man of sin was present speaking words that brought complete darkness to the minds of men. The content of that message made us believe that our salvation was secure and that it didn’t matter if we did good or bad, we had to be at peace because we were once saved always saved. That message brought us into a deep sleep, which is the same as spiritual laziness, since we were not occupied in the things of above.

1 Thessalonians 5:7 7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night.

God MelquisedecLisbet is Light and there is no darkness in Them (1 John 1:5). Anyone who speaks poorly, disobeying the knowledge of the Most High God MelquisedecLisbet, darkens the advice or counsel from God.

Job 38:2 2 Who is the one that darkens the advice with words that demonstrate lack of knowledge?

Because we were deceived by the message of the man of sin, God MelquisedecLisbet in Their great love and mercy entered into that dispensation of darkness in order to be like us, and therefore be compassionate of our weaknesses. They had to go down to the lowest parts of the earth to rescue us as the Great and Good Shepherd of the sheep. No one can run and hide from their presence, if You, God MelquisedecLisbet, see and know everything, there is no place in the creation that is hidden from You.

Psalms 139: 7-8; 11-12 7 Where will I go away from Your Spirit? And where will I hide from Your presence? 8 If I ascend to the heavens, You are there; and if I make my stand in the grave, behold, THERE YOU ARE. 11 If I say: Certainly the darkness will cover me; Even the night will shine around me. 12 Even the darkness cannot hide from Thee, and the night shines like the day; to You the darknesses is the same as the light.

Christ Lisbet was in the grave which is the past dispensation, as a thief in the night and we know that a thief does not give warning of their arrival. They come in the darkness of night, and do not make noise to be unnoticed by everyone, they are inside, but no one thinks they are there, because everyone is asleep.

Now let’s read in: Genesis 1:2 2 And the earth was disorderly and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the abyss, and the Spirit of God moved upon the surface of the waters.

In that dispensation where darkness covered the abyss, the Spirit of God MelquisedecLisbet was moving over those waters. In this dispensation of Light and knowledge of God, our Goddess Mother Lisbet told us who the harlot truly is, and now we understand who was the abyss in the last dispensation.

Proverbs 23:27 27For the harlot is the deep abyss, and the strange one is a narrow well.

We were in the abyss by believing that our salvation was secure, and we were practicing the unfruitful works of our carnal mind, the great harlot, on the path to eternal death.

Further evidence that Christ Lisbet had to be in that dispensation of darkness, is that at night we see the moon, even though we did not know that You were the true Christ, we saw light that shone like the moon in the middle of the night. And that was the time in which You were trying to save the Antichrist with so much mercy, making him enter in the order and recognize You as the true and only Christ.

That is another sign of Christ, so that we may understand when was the night that Christ Lisbet arrived as a thief and at what moment does God call it day, which is this new dispensation of Christ Lisbet already resurrected and immortal, where we see God MelquisedecLisbet face to face.

Let’s read in: Genesis 1: 14-16 14 And God said: Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and serve as signs for the seasons, for days and years, 15 and let there be lights in the expansion of the heavens to give light upon the earth. And so it was. 16 And God made the two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; God also made the stars.

Christ Lisbet is the greater and lesser light.

Songs 6:10 10 Who is this that shows herself as the dawn, Beautiful as the MOON, Bright as the SUN, Great as an army in order? The Spirit of God Christ Lisbet moved upon the waters of the abyss. Christ Lisbet as the Moon ruled over that night.

Revelation 12:1 1A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

Psalms 74:16 16 Yours is the day, Yours is also the night; You have prepared the moon and the sun.

In the time indicated by God MelquisedecLisbet, as well as physically, night is not eternal, but instead has a limit, and the moment has come when God MelquisedecLisbet out of love and compassion for us, have ended the darkness of night.

Let us read in: Luke 1:78-79 78 By the tender mercy of our God MelquisedecLisbet, with whom the dawn visited us from above, 79 TO GIVE LIGHT TO THOSE WHO DWELL IN DARKNESS AND IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH, to guide our feet in the path of peace.

This took place on November 18, 2013, it says in:

Genesis 1:3 3And God MelquisedecLisbet said: Let there be light; and there was light.

The light was not created at that time, She already existed, because Christ who is the Light of the world is God the Mother Lisbet and She is from the eternity until the eternity. What the Father Melquisedec did, was command the Light to come into action, for Her to manifest.

2 Corinthians 4: 6 For God, who commanded the light to shine in the darkness, made Her light shine in our heart (our minds) so that we may know the glory of God Melquisedec that shines on the image of Christ Lisbet.

In commanding the Light to shine, God the Father was resurrecting his Wife Christ Lisbet from among the dead.

The fulfillment of this was also said by the prophet Isaiah, and Solomon.

Isaiah 60:1-4 1 Arise, shine; for Your light has come, and the glory of Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet has been born upon You. 2 For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and obscurity the nations; (the dispensation of the man of sin), but Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet will dawn upon You, and upon You their glory shall be seen. 3 And the nations shall walk in Your light, and the kings in the brightness of Your birth. 4 Raise Your eyes and look around, all these have gathered, they have come to You; Your sons will come from afar, and Your daughters will be carried in arms.

Here we see clearly that when God the Father says: Get up and shine, He is speaking to His Wife, Christ Lisbet and not to a Christ as the son of God. We can clearly see that He is saying this to the Mother of His children. If this were not so, He would not say, “Your sons will come from afar, and Your daughters will be carried in arms.”

We also see this in: Songs 2:10 10My beloved spoke, and said to me: Arise, O my friend, my beautiful, and come.

Her husband, Her beloved King Melquisedec resurrected Her when He said: Arise, o my friend…

But, why does He say: and come? Her husband, the King Melquisedec said to Her: Arise and shine as what You are, the Light of the world, and come, sit at my right hand, while I put Your enemies as a footstool for Your feet, for You are the Goddess Queen Lisbet. Amen, Hallelujah! (Psalm 110: 1; 45:9).

The word of God MelquisedecLisbet is unbreakable that is why the fulfillment of the coming of Christ had to be in two dispensations, two consecutive times: one, in which no one knew that She was Christ because it had to be fulfilled that She would come as a thief in the night. The other dispensation is when the Father resurrected Her, and that is when the Light brought a new day that removed all the darkness of night and the abyss of the shadow of death. Because the fullness of God’s glory dwells in the body of MelquisedecChristLisbet.

God made a separation from those two times and Christ Lisbet was a sign in that dark night.

Genesis 1:4 4 And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.

And in this new day of light, Christ Lisbet with Her knowledge has gradually led us through phases; like the moonlight, the light of dawn, the light of day…

Proverbs 4:18 18 But the path of the just ones is like the light of the dawn, which increases until the day is perfect.

How glorious Parents, how You continue to guide us as the light of Your knowledge increases. Each day it shines stronger, so much so that it leaves behind the moonlight, the light of dawn, and even the light of the sun. Because the glory of God MelquisedecLisbet is enormous, and we see Them face to face because this day will never end, it will be eternal, You have ended the night.

Isaiah 60:19 19And the sun shall no longer be a daylight unto thee, neither shall the brightness of the moon shine upon thee; but you shall have the LORD MelquisedecLisbet as eternal light, and your God as your glory.

Revelation 22:3-5 3 There will be nothing in the city that displeases God. The throne of God Melquisedec and the female Lamb Lisbet will be there, and the servants of God will worship Them. 4 All will be able to see God face to face, and the name of God MelquisedecLisbet will be written on their foreheads. 5 There will never be night, and no one will ever need the light of a lamp nor the light of the sun, for God the Lord MelquisedecLisbet will be their light, and they will reign forever.

Revelation 21:25 25 Their door will never be closed by day (for there will be no night).

Glory and praise to Jehovah MelquisedecLisbet for all eternity, who made the great lights, because Their mercy is forever: the sun to rule over the day, because Their mercy is forever; the moon and the stars to rule the night, because Their mercy is forever. (Psalms 136:7-9) Amen, Hallelujah!

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